British Sign Language: Essential Everyday BSL

Learn key British Sign Language vocabulary in this breakthrough BSL course. On completion, you will be able to hold a conversation with BSL users in everyday situations.

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Course Highlights

  • This course includes 28 lectures with 1.5 hours of video content
  • Build a solid knowledge of the alphabet & numbers, so you can "finger spell" any word in the English language
  • Learn vocabulary to talk about a range of common topics (days of the week, verbs, family, etc.) & words that are important to you in your unique situation
  • Learn common phrases for everyday interactions and greetings, so you can communicate with deaf people in a meaningful way
  • This course is ideal for individuals wanting to learn British Sign Language to communicate with hard of hearing people or are passionate about the language.

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British Sign Language: Essential Everyday BSL

Olly Richards
Olly Richards
Course Tutor

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Course requirementsThis course has no prerequisites

Course Teacher

Olly Richards

I Will Teach You A Language

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British Sign Language is the official sign language used in the United Kingdom. This course will teach you the fundamental vocabulary & fingerspelling techniques that will allow you to communicate with the deaf community & progress towards confident signing.

Olly Richards is a language educator, author and polyglot from the UK, who speaks 8 languages. Olly's 'I will teach you a language' podcast has a loyal following of over 500,000 language learners every month! Olly & Emma will teach you how to sign via demonstration videos which are easy to follow and have changed the lives of many of their students.

This course is ideal for anyone looking to learn a new language, particularly those who need BSL to communicate with the hard of hearing in their family life or career.