Health & Fitness: The Fundamentals

This course is designed to transform your health & wellbeing by developing successful fitness habits!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 52 lectures and over 3 hours of video content, with extensive 157 page eBook, plus supporting handout materials
  • Eradicate and transform bad habits with positive reinforcements.
  • Includes supplemental guides and plans to create a sustainable health plan.
  • Develop a healthier mindset and improve your personal wellbeing.
  • Suitable for anyone passionate about health and fitness who are ready to take action and transform their lifestyle to reach their full potential.

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Health & Fitness: The Fundamentals

Scott F. Paradis
Scott F. Paradis, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

Course requirements There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Scott F. Paradis

High performance trainer

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This course will help you to look better, feel better and live a better more fulfilling lifestyle. Learn about health and nutrition and how you can nurture positive habits while removing negative habits that have been holding you back. If you are serious about making fundamental changes to your life and properly engaging then this course is the perfect companion.

Scott F. Paradis is a change agent and high performance trainer. He has devoted his life to studying and applying high performance habits to help individuals and organisations achieve spectacular results in the areas of health, wealth and relationships. He is also a dynamic speaker and teacher with over 7 books.

This course is intended for anyone wanting to look better, feel rejuvenated and live a healthier lifestyle. If you are passionate about your personal wellbeing and fitness & feel ready to take your health more seriously then this course is for you. Learn how to prioritise your health, transform your negative habits, develop the right mindset and reach your full potential.