Learn to Speak Kid: Overcome Behaviour Disorder Through Parenting

Labelling children with behaviour disorders is not the be all and end all. Learn how to overcome them through parenting and develop your parenting skills.

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Course Highlights

  • Create win-win environments with your children and build strong, trusting relationships
  • Eliminate symptoms of disruptive behaviour disorders like ADHD, ODD and anxiety
  • Empower your kids by motivating them authentically
  • Be confident in the tough parenting decisions

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Learn to Speak Kid: Overcome Behaviour Disorder Through Parenting

Bonnie & Thomas Liotta
Bonnie & Thomas Liotta
Course Tutor

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Bonnie & Thomas Liotta

Creating Champions for Life

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Labels like ADD, ADHD, ODD or anxiety don’t make it any easier to be yelled at or to fight with your children. If you’re tired of being worn out, stressed out and beaten down mum or dad, you can begin the transformation to change that forever.

Thomas and Bonnie are known for helping parents reduce explosive behaviour in their kids. They have even helped completely reverse the symptoms of behaviour that are commonly thought untreatable, such as ADHD and ODD, and also the terrible twos!

This course will teach you amazing new empowering methods to gain cooperation with children and teenagers.

There are 60 short videos in this course, along with 12 study guides, 12 chapters and 3 short audios for each module. You’ll be able to keep track of your learning through quizzes on each section at the end of the course.

By following the steps, you will learn to discover and articulate the exact words needed to communicate with your children, and empower them to cooperate with you.