Nail Art Technician Bundle: Master Manicures & Pedicures

3 in 1! An extensive 3 course Nail Art Bundle, that will kick start your career as a nail technician and teach you how to create beautiful manicures and pedicures.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 107 lectures, 11 hours of video content, practical tutorials and supplementary handouts.
  • Demonstrations of how to apply nail polish for long lasting, beautiful manicures.
  • Easy to follow video lectures, designed to enhance your progressive learning techniques
  • Learn about correct hygeine protocol to prevent infection, spreading bacteria and contracting diseases.
  • Suitable for anyone wanting to pursue a career as a beautician or nail artist in addition to those aiming to provide a personal nail art service for friends and family

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Nail Art Technician Bundle: Master Manicures & Pedicures

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This bundle is the essential guide for students wanting to become a nail artist. Learn how to create beautiful manicures for strong and healthy nails. It offers a foot in the door to individuals wanting to pursue a career as a nail technician and learn how to create professional manicures and pedicures on clients as well as friends and family.

The first course will teach you how to create beautiful manicures, learn the correct nail care and achieve healthy, nourished nails. You will learn about hand structure and the essential hygiene practices to avoid infection, how to treat clients and build rapport.

This pedicure course will teach you the fundamental elements to creating beautiful and professional pedicures. It acts as the perfect stepping stone to pursuing a career as a nail technician, including how to work with clients and providing an impeccable service. As well as the practical elements, you will also learn the important theoretical knowledge, such as the foot structure, toe anatomy and diseases & disorders.

The final course is ideal for those looking to broaden their nail art skills to allow for professional level designs. It is an easy to follow course that will provide you with the necessary skills to create amazing nail art designs for all seasons and special occasions throughout the year.

Nail Technician: Give Amazing Manicures

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Disorders & Diseases of the Hands & Nails

Part 3: Manicure Tools & Equipment

Part 4: Manicure Products

Part 5: Manicure Consultation

Part 6: Nail & Hand Structure

Part 7: Continuing the Manicure

Part 8: Applying the Nail Polish

Part 9: Conclusion and FAQ

Part 10: Recommended Courses

Part 11: Refer a Friend and Receive a Free Course

Perfect Pedicures: Pursue a Career as a Nail Technician

Part 1 Introduction

Part 2: Foot Structure

Part 3: Disorders & Diseases of the Feet

Part 4: Pedicure Tools & Equipment

Part 5: Pedicure Products

Part 6: Preperation and Procedure

Part 7: Cuticle Work

Part 8: Applying Nail Polish

Part 9: Conclusion

Part 10: Recommended Courses

Part 11: Refer a friend and claim any course for free!

Nail Art Technician

Part 1: Introduction to the Course

Part 2: Salon Viable Lessons: Perspective in Pigment

Part 3: Salon Viable Lessons: Doodle Art

Part 4: Salon Viable Lessons: Flower Power

Part 5: Salon Viable Lessons: Further Designs

Part 6: Hand Painted Lessons: Blue Flowers in Pigment

Part 7: Hand Painted Lessons: Lost in Time

Part 8: Hand Painted Lessons: Underwater

Part 9: Hand Painted Lessons: The Parrot

Part 10: Hand Painted Lessons: Abstract

Part 11: Water Colour Lessons: Basics

Part 12: Water Colour Lessons: Feather & Blue Flowers

Part 13: Seasonal Lessons: Halloween Designs

Part 14: Seasonal Lessons: Christmas Designs

Part 15: Seasonal Lessons: Easter

Part 16; Seasonal Lessons: Further Designs