Positive Psychology: Authentic Living with Mindfulness & Vulnerability

Authenticity and positive psychology play a major role in people living fulfilled lives. Learn all about both from psychology expert Manuel Kraus.

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Course Highlights

  • Understand the basics of social and positive psychology and authenticity
  • Learn what it means to be authentic
  • Get an introduction to Mindfulness, Meditation and Vulnerability
  • Know your true self
  • Be yourself openly and honestly without distorting your self image
  • Live your own life, not the lives of others

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Positive Psychology: Authentic Living with Mindfulness & Vulnerability

Manuel Kraus
Manuel Kraus, Course Teacher

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RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Manuel Kraus

CEO & Founder of Good Life Foundation

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Being yourself is at the heart of a fulfilled life and positive psychology. Authenticity plays a major role in fulfilled relationships, a life of passion and self confidence. People who are able to express themselves authentically are among the happiest and most successful people on the planet.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you” (Joseph Campbell), and this course will help you to appreciate and understand that privilege through distilling research from psychology into lessons that you can learn to live more authentically.

At the beginning, we’ll briefly cover the What? and Why? of authenticity before we learn which factors contribute to an authentic life. Then we’ll set the basis for living authentically: getting in touch with our true selves. Next we will build on this understanding of our true selves and take all the necessary steps that will lead us to a more authentic life. Throughout the whole course, you’ll get activities, worksheets and more additional material that will lead you through the exact steps.