The Essentials of Feedback and Performance Management

Learn all about building trust, performance reviews, the growth mindset, coaching, using the MBTI, people analytics + more.

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  • Includes over 60 lectures and 2.5 hours over video content, plus handouts and quiz assessment
  • Learn how to build trust in your team to foster an open enviroment
  • Improve your communication skills in order to exchange productive feedback
  • An easy to follow structure for feedback strategies
  • Ideal for managers, business founders, team leaders and anyone with direct reports

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The Essentials of Feedback and Performance Management

Davis Jones
Davis Jones, Course Teacher

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Davis Jones


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Learn How to Give Constructive Feedback, Build Effective Teams, and Continuously Improve

Develop communication skills, learn specific feedback methods, and see examples of leading group meetings, giving performance reviews, giving real-time constructive feedback, creating a collaborative team culture, and implementing systems that lead to continuous performance improvements. Learn to Be a Better Leader with Great Feedback Skills

  • How to build trust and between people in a professional setting
  • Communication skills for giving effective feedback
  • Specific feedback methods and examples of them in action
  • Building towards continuous feedback culture (e.g. people operations and analytics)

Master One of the Most Important Skills for Great Managers and FoundersYour ability to give, receive, and use feedback is one of the most critical skills in business and in life--and that’s borne out by research. According to research published in the Harvard Business Review in 2016, internal trust is the #1 predictor of team effectiveness.

This course on feedback and team communication is relevant to all professionals--for senior managers, shift leaders, new team members, startup teams, and freelancers.

Communication Can Only Create Positive Change If It’s Done Well

Ideal for a professionals in all industries, organizational structures and sizes, and geographies, in this course you’ll learn how to build trust, how to work with a variety of personalities, how the world’s leading companies attract and retain top talent, when and how to use information that you’re receiving in the form of feedback, and a lot more.