Dr. Nancy Salay

The founder of Do It Better

About Dr. Nancy Salay

I am the founder of Do It Better, an organization whose mission is to bring brain/body solutions to everyday problems, as well as Director of ESC, the Embodiment, Systems, and Complexity Institute for Embodied Cognitive Science. I’ve been writing and teaching at universities across North America about the mind, the brain, and cognition for the past fifteen years. I am thrilled to be reaching a wider audience with these new online opportunities.


4 courses in 1: This bundle will help you identify and reflect on your mental health, and will teach you practical ways to boost your mental & physical wellbeing


  82 students

4 Courses in 1! An extensive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy bundle, which introduces and teachers how CBT can be used to aid physical and mental conditions such as psychosis, paranoia and anxiety


  119 students

This Cognitive Brain Training (CBT) course will teach you about your brain and how it works with your body to support cognition, maintain mental focus, attention, optimise memory, and develop a calm mind.


  192 students