Eryk Dobosz

Co -Founder of European Institute Of Body Oriented Healing Arts

About Eryk Dobosz

Born in Poland, Co -Founder and Director of European Institute Of Body Oriented Healing Arts (EIBOHA). He is trained and certified in many bodywork modalities , which made him licenced massage therapist of: Osho Rebalancing Massage, Myofascial Energetic Release, Lomi Lomi Nui and Biodynamic Cranio Sacral in Karuna Institute in England. He is experienced and gifted bodywork therapist, giving trainings and session in Europe. Practicing bodywork, breathwork, tantra and meditative therapies for over 10 years.

In travelling throughout India, Nepal, China, America, Mexico and Europe for many years he has gained a variety of skills and experiences. Living and working in different spiritual communities around the world he has had the opportunity to continue growing in his spiritual journey. He has been studying and completing Teacher Training of Lomi Lomi Nui massage with Hawaiian Teacher Susan Pa`iniu Floyd from Aloha International. Myofascial Energetic Release and Osho Rebalancing he has studied in the Netherlands with founder of Rebalancing Satyarthi Peloquin, also in the process of Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Training in Karuna Institute UK.


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Myofascial Energetic Release is a specialised physical and massage therapy used to release tension in the fascia due to trauma, poor posture or illness.


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